Technical Papers & Articles

Fremont is committed to the learning and spreading of water treatment ideas and best practices. Throughout the years we have compiled technical information from reputable associations we actively participate in and from partners we work closely with. Furthermore, we have authored our own technical papers & articles with the aim of not only bettering the water management industry but contributing to its continued and future success.

Association of Water Technologies (AWT) Articles

Fremont Water Solutions is proud to be a member of the Association of Water Technologies (AWT). AWT is a renowned international water treatment association that provides training, networking and awareness programs to companies across the water management industry. AWT represents over 500 water treatment companies that service industrial and commercial cooling and heating systems. .To learn more about water treatment and its applications we have compiled the following papers, courtesy of AWT. For more information please visit

Novozymes Articles

From our close partnership with Novozymes, a world leader in bioinnovation, we have the opportunity to share pertinent knowledge for the creation of new and better water management techniques. Below you will find key publications on biotechnology in water management applications from our partners at Novozymes. For additional information please visit

Additional valuable water treatment publications

Articles produced by Fremont