Fremont is committed to supporting you in the development of your employees by equipping your team with both the knowledge and tools to help them manage a successful water treatment program.

The Fremont training program is designed to share pertinent information so your employees can increase productivity, implement sustainable practices, reduce costs and save time. Our training promotes safety, efficiency and verification of performance.

To best accommodate the diverse needs of our customers, we offer training programs in a variety of structures including classroom lectures, interactive seminars and process training, either at Fremont Corporate or on-site at your location.

Recent training and presentations include:

Boiler and Cooling System Management: In this presentation we explore how mechanical systems, control, and chemistry need to be orchestrated to maximize your boiler/cooling system’s efficiencies and minimize problems.

Microbiological Control—Your Largest Challenge: This presentation looks at how managing biological growth minimizes your risks of deposition, corrosion, and disease.

Pre-Treatment—What is it? How does it work? Why should I care?: In this presentation we show how softeners, reverse osmosis and filtration can increase system efficiencies, reduce risk of deposition, corrosion and biological growth, and reduce demand for chemistry.

What You Can’t See Is Likely Your Largest Problem: This presentation demonstrates the proper biological control in cooling towers and closed loop systems.

Proper Testing and Control for A Well-Run Water Management Program: In this presentation we provide answers to the what’s, why’s, and how’s of monitoring and controlling your water management program.

Process Optimization Presentations: Conducted by technical experts, this seminar tackles a wide range of issues, from providing a technical review of key processes to implementing new process technology needed to make your job easier and your plant more profitable.

Additional laboratory presentations include Fundamentals of Wastewater Chemistry, Examining MLSS Health with Microscopic Examinations and more.

Fremont is committed to supporting our partners and their facility operations with continued training, on-site presentations as well as specialized seminars. To develop a comprehensive understanding of their water treatment systems, please contact your Account Manager for details.