Fremont Seminars

At Fremont we’re always looking for new and better approaches to water management. As part of our commitment to the industry, we share knowledge, ideas and expertise through educational water management seminars throughout the year. Interested in a seminar? Give us a call at 1-800-436-1238 for additional seminar information.

Fremont seminars focus on increasing your understanding of water chemistry, operational systems and treatment approaches. From their countless years in the industry, Fremont speakers share real-life experiences with the aim to help your facility operate more efficiently and productively. Our diverse seminar offerings let participants interact with water treatment experts via lectures, panel discussions, interactive sessions and more.

Below is a partial list of the water treatment topics we cover:

  • Basic Water Chemistry
  • Pretreatment Options
  • Problem Areas (Scale, Corrosion, Deposition, Microbiological, Legionnaires’ Disease)
  • Treatment Approaches
  • Feed and Control Systems
  • Feed and Control Equipment
  • Water Chemistry Testing
  • Make-Up Water Management
  • Feedwater Management
  • Steam Boiler Management
  • Steam and Condensate Management
  • Combustion Management
  • Safety and Handling
  • Process Optimization
  • Operator Training
  • Specialized Industry Seminars

Future seminars will be posted below.