Laboratory Support

Fremont's water management laboratory is equipped to give customers and field personnel accurate and expedient laboratory support. Our dedicated laboratory and team of trained chemists are here to provide you with the best technical support for your operation including water analysis and deposit and metal sample services.

As a Fremont customer, you benefit from our laboratory staff of degreed chemists and chemical engineers through phone and written contact, customer site visits and training seminars. Our dedicated laboratory chemists are equipped to answer your most challenging questions with sophisticated equipment at their disposal for laboratory investigations including an Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Spectrometer, a Fourier Transmission- Infra red (FT-IR) Spectrometer, a X-Ray Fluoresence Detection equipment.

As a full service water treatment company committed to providing all your water management solutions, our laboratory team offers the following analyses:

  • Biocidal Efficacy Studies
  • Compound/Stereo Microscopy (Photo Microscopy)
  • Corrosion Rate Monitoring
    • Corrosion Coupons
    • Corrosivity Meter
  • Defoamer Efficacy Testing
  • Deposit/Scale Analyses
  • Failure Analysis
  • Flocculation/Settling Tests (IMHOFF)
  • FT-IR Spectrometry
  • Fuel Oil Analysis
  • ICP Spectrometry
  • Legionella Analysis
  • Microbial Contamination Analysis
    • Anaerobic/Aerobic Bacteria, Mold and Fungi Plate Count/ATP Method
  • System Volume Determination
  • Wastewater Treatment Water Screening
  • Wastewater Treatment Biological Exam
  • Wet Method Analyses
    • Metric, Spectrophotometric and Titration
  • IC Chromatography
  • XFD Elemental Analysis
  • Metallurgical Alloy Identification

Research and development is a strategic focus at Fremont. The commitment of laboratory resources ensures customers that the most current technology available is utilized in our custom formulations. We reinvest significant resources into our research and development and believe that sound technology, along with superior support, provides the best for our customers. Our goal is to be a leader on product capabilities and performance and we aim to deliver on that promise.