Fremont eLink

Fremont Water Solutions understands that communication and comprehensive monitoring are essential to the successful operation of any facility. As technology evolves, so does our service; this is why we enhance our program support with Fremont eLink.

eLink is an innovative online software designed specifically for use in water treatment programs. Our cloud-based storage system allows for advanced communication and review methods, concise system data histories and complete online access to account information and program resources.

Real-time results enable us to quickly address discrepancies, make rapid adjustments and prevent issues before they occur. Facility controllers can be configured to communicate directly with eLink, providing continuous and precise data that is then analyzed and trended. These advances in service allow our treatment specialists to view and react to both wet test and controller data immediately. This data is instantly stored in eLink, building a thorough history of results and trends.

eLink set-up and training are provided by our team, which enables you to access, use, and benefit from this inventive online resource. Clients can easily find past reports and create their own reports at any time. Features like our database of relevant SDS sheets, the ability to track and order inventory, and color-coded test results are only a few of the tools at your disposal with eLink.

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