It takes a substantial amount of energy to keep America moving, growing and thriving. Fremont works closely with our energy partners to make sure their operations work effectively and efficiently day in and day out.

Optimizing Operations For Refiners

Refineries are an essential part in the global energy market. Fremont is dedicated to improving energy operation, streamlining processes and safeguarding your bottom line in order to get America’s energy to the market faster. Fremont has extensive refinery experience within the energy industry- we provide products and services for many areas of operation, including:

  • Crude oil units
  • Gas plants
  • Catalytic/thermo crackers
  • Reformers
  • Mid-distillate plants
  • Alkylation plants
  • Hydrogen plants
  • Sulfur recovery plants
  • Asphalt/coker plants
  • Cooling towers
  • Boiler plants
  • Wastewater systems

In wastewater plants, refinery operators often take advantage of our ability to provide custom EC system designs for specific metals removal with typical removal rates of nearly 100%. We can also make recommendations on improving water usage and reducing makeup water requirements, thus reducing the volumes of wastewater that need to be treated.

Water Pretreatment

Fremont Water Solutions provides an engineered approach to every water pretreatment situation and problem. Our goal is to help you maximize your water resources while minimizing cost.

We offer:

  • A complete analytical laboratory
  • Experience designing systems using all types of water treatment equipment
  • Customized software for modeling water systems
  • Antiscalants, antioxidants, polymers, and commodity chemicals for clarification, filtration, EC, RO, and demineralization systems

Boiler Plant Maintenance

At Fremont Water Solutions, we offer chemicals and services for chemical boiler plant maintenance and water treatment that you won’t find elsewhere, including detection services for air in-leakage, custom-blended chemicals to match your plant’s specific needs, and reagent-grade ammonia solutions.

We also offer:

  • Volatile oxygen scavengers
  • Custom amine blends
  • Chemical cleaning specification and oversight, including deposit analysis and weight density determinations
  • Ultra-pure ammonia solutions in various concentrations, delivered in bulk, totes, or drums

Wastewater Treatment and Management

For complete plant wastewater management, including minimization of water use and multiple options for reuse and disposal, Fremont is the only company you need to turn to.

We offer wastewater solutions related to:

  • Characterizing plant-wide water usage
  • Maximizing cooling tower cycles
  • Computer modeling of various treatment options
  • Using membrane systems fort treating wastewater streams
  • Using EC systems for:
    • Treating wastewater streams
    • Recycling and concentrating RO reject streams
    • Producing useful oxidants