Exclusive Ultra Series Supports Your Green Initiative

Fremont Water Solutions offers a revolutionary new concept in water management.

With the only one of its kind in the industry we re-invented our boiler, cooling and closed loop formulas as a 100% active crystalline formula for eco-friendly and improved performance. The Ultra Series of products reduces your facility’s carbon foot print and provides countless green benefits from the concentrated production and complete crystalline uniformity.

Our improved product form is efficient, saves valuable time and resources and allows you to store a large amount of chemical safely in a small area. Ultra Series products are shipped in small recyclable containers and can be delivered by parcel service saving you time and money.

Advantages you get from Ultra Series products:

  • The ability to custom blend on site
  • Improve chemical stability and extend shelf life
  • Opportunity to have multiple feed locations
  • Increase employee safety by eliminating all contact with chemical product
  • Increase available storage space
  • Eliminate disposal and storage of empty barrels
  • Eliminate handling of heavy barrels
  • Eliminate chemical waste
  • Reduce shipping and inventory costs
  • Reduce environmental hazards

Fremont Ultra Series defines leading edge technology. This exclusive product is yet another example of how Fremont better serves you and your operations; it is the best of today’s leading edge water treatment technology in a unique crystalline form.


Watch Fremont Ultra Video Here