Cooling Water Treatment

The efficient, cost effective and safe operation of your cooling water systems is the focus of Fremont’s cooling tower water treatment program.

Our line of patented products for industrial cooling systems are unique to the water treatment industry and produce superior results. Fremont water treatment formulas are designed to control corrosion, scale, deposition, microbiological and Legionella growth in order to reduce your energy and maintenance costs and assist with environmental regulatory compliance. Throughout our specialized cooling program we work with you at every step including pretreatment options, treatment approaches, feed and control systems, water testing and the proper safety and handling of water treatment chemicals.

Your custom designed Fremont cooling tower water treatment management program may include:

  • Alkaline (Non-Acid Control) Options
  • Biocides
  • Closed System Formulations
  • Complete Line of Dispersants
  • Deposit/Scale/Corrosion Control Formulations
  • Patented “White Rust” Control Technology
  • Patented On-Line Deposit Removal Formulations
  • Pre-Operational Cleaners and Lay-Up Protectorants
  • Process Defoamer
  • Unique Ultra  Series Crystalline Technology

Fremont provides best-in-class cooling tower water treatment solutions with a professional technical team that includes your account manager, technical advisors, equipment specialists, customer support staff and laboratory chemists. As your partner, Fremont will deliver consistent support, reliable service and superior performance of your water treatment program. We look forward to serving you.