Boiler Water Treatment

Boilers and heat exchangers are notoriously susceptible to deposit formation due to a variety of impurities in the process water. Through proper selection and application of unique boiler water treatment chemicals, Fremont can significantly reduce your water contamination, energy consumption and maintenance costs while maximizing the life and protection of your equipment.

Our water treatment programs are designed to maintain both steam purity and steam quality by eliminating insulating scale and fouling deposits in your boiler, heat exchanger and condensate. We perform detailed system audits and diagnostics to recommend the best chemical, equipment and service programs available to maximize your boiler system performance and efficiency.

Your custom-designed industrial boiler water treatment management program may include:

  • Advanced Automation Equipment Technology
  • Boiler Water Carryover Prevention and Treatment Products
  • Closed System Formulations
  • Deposit Control Formulations
  • Fuel Oil and Solid Fuel Conditioners
  • In-Field Testing Supplies
  • Oxygen Scavengers
  • Patented On-Line Deposit Removal Protectorants
  • Pre-Operational Cleaners and Lay-Up Protectorants
  • Steam/Condensate System Treatments
  • Unique Ultra Crystal Technology
  • USDA/FDA/NSF and Kosher-Approved Products

Our innovative programs can help you achieve water and energy savings, asset preservation, and increased plant reliability and safety. Fremont services steam and hot water boilers of all sizes and types—in hospitals and commercial buildings, power-generating stations and industrial plants. We have been a leader in boiler water treatment chemicals and technology since 1954 and we look forward to partnering with you for your future success.