Enzyme Treatment

To enhance wastewater treatment, Fremont offers a full product line of bioaugmentation and nutrient additive products.

Bioaugmentation is the practice of adding actively growing, specialized microbial strains into a microbial community in order to enhance the ability of the community to respond to process fluctuations or to degrade certain compounds, resulting in improved treatment.

The managing of bioaugmentation has been used as a secondary wastewater treatment system for decades as a healthy microbial community is key to successful wastewater management. Bioaugmentation enhances the core processes of a wastewater facility, thereby lowering operating costs, promoting efficient degradation and removing organic and inorganic compounds. This increases a facility’s flexibility to handle a range of wastewater characteristics and flow.

The following products are formulated for many different applications in municipal, industrial or food wastewater treatment:

  • COD/BOD Removal
  • FOG (Fats, Oils, Greases) Removal
  • Hydrocarbon Removal
  • Nitrification Enhancement
  • Cold Weather Microbial Enhancement
  • Surfactant Removal
  • Anaerobic Digester Biogas Enhancement/Sludge Reduction
  • Pond or Lagoon Sludge Reduction
  • Odor Reduction/Prevention
  • Micro Nutrient Additives for Enhanced Microbial Treatment
  • Macro Nutrient Additives for Enhanced Microbial Treatment

As water treatment regulations grow increasingly strict, and penalties for permit violations increase, it has become more important to efficiently remove unwanted, or hard to remove, substances from the effluent. Fremont’s bioaugmentation products contain a broad range of microorganisms and nutrient additives to handle complex waste streams.

Fremont’s bioaugmentation product line is backed by the expertise of Fremont’s technical team, including your account manager, a dedicated technical and support staff, and our corporate laboratory. The Fremont team works with you on-site and offers laboratory support at no charge.

At Fremont we look for the cause of the issue and are committed to making your facility operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and simplify operations all while saving you time and promoting safety.