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Established over 60 years ago, Fremont Water Solutions leads the way in water management with our in-depth knowledge, experience and quality products. Our customers receive high quality product offerings focusing on custom-blended, proven water treatment chemicals, and feed and monitoring equipment.

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Better Products For Better Performance

Fremont products are safe and reliable- our tailored solutions can improve operational performance, maintain efficiency and reduce processing downtime for increased productivity. We optimize our customers’ operations, helping them meet business objectives and sustainability goals in today’s challenging environment. Fremont is dedicated to protecting our natural resources by providing a variety of green products and advanced equipment and monitoring systems. Fremont seeks to reduce, reuse and recycle water as well as employ sustainable practices throughout the water treatment industry. Our proven programs will help ensure a more sustainable future.

Fremont products are synonymous with quality, consistency and continual improvement—each product batch is rigorously tested to ensure maximum performance and quality standards for ISO 9001 certification.

The Fremont program can address any of your needs:
  • Application and Monitoring Equipment
  • Boiler Water Management
  • Cooling System Treatment Management
  • Fremont Exclusive Ultra Series Line of Products
  • Potable Water Systems
  • Pretreatment Chemicals and Chemical Technology
  • Wastewater Technology
  • Water Parameter Testing Supplies

Our Product Offerings

Ultra Series

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Bioagmentation Enzyme App

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Boiler Applications

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Cooling Applications

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Waste Water Treatment

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Fremont Fast Facts

Fremont has a 97% on-time shipping rate with over 90% of orders shipped same day from inventory

Onsite product manufacturing ensures quality and consistency

Over 90% of needed products are on the Fremont shelf

Fremont has a 100% quality control with a 99%-plus first pass on quality inspection