Our Valued Customers

At Fremont, we work diligently to build long-term, meaningful relationships with our customers. Our goal is for each customer to be successful in the operation of their facility, to improve process efficiency, reduce operating costs, and run sustainable water treatment programs.

Exceeding Expectations At Every Opportunity

Our passion is water and our mission is to help customers develop the best water treatment program available. We establish partnerships through a commitment to work with customers day in and out, rain or shine. Our service team can offer custom-blend chemicals and order specialty equipment on the spot with the full support of our technical and customer service teams.

Partnering with our customers means exceeding their expectations at every opportunity. With our focus on minimizing water use, reducing energy consumption and promoting efficient processes, we have satisfied customers throughout all the industries we serve.

Here are a few examples of the highly-valued customers we partner with:

A Partial List of Highly Valued Customers