Case Study

Chemical Manufacturing Plant Reduces Waste Water Treatment Costs By $4,000,000 Per Year.


The waste treatment operation of a large industrial complex was experiencing excessive chemical, post-treatment and disposal costs related to the processing of their secondary waste sludge. Treatment challenges were compounded due to changes in production campaigns and the strict need to adhere to direct discharge limitations. Solids carryover created a heavy load on carbon filters and treatment issues limited the ability to centrifuge treated waste from the secondary clarification process.


After careful consideration, plant personnel decided to make a change from a product oriented program to a total solution program presented by Fremont Water Solutions. A five person Fremont team worked closely with plant personnel to evaluate all aspects of the treatment process. Numerous surveys, bench tests and interaction with plant operations lead to innovative changes in the treatment program. With a focus on maintaining environmental compliance and reducing treatment costs, the team helped make changes in treatment products, feed methods, and critical monitoring procedures to make the necessary changes.


The Fremont team effort with plant personnel resulted in the following:

  • Treatment products costs were reduced by $200,000 per year.
  • Carbon filter exchange costs were reduced by $300,000 per year.
  • Waste disposal costs were reduced by $3,500,000per year +

These savings, coupled with an increased on-site service program from Fremont Water Solutions, makes for a common goal of safety, performance and fiscal responsibility.


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