Customer Portfolio

For over 60 years we have worked with reputable companies across the United States and reduced their water, energy, and maintenance costs substantially. We offer our customers stability, an honest and ethical water treatment partnership and the assurance that their systems are in good hands.

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At Fremont we see ourselves as an extension of our customer’s business. Our customers can rely on our responsive, flexible service that is backed with top-quality technical support and advanced water treatment products.

Within our case studies you will be able to see how we partner with our customers to enhance their facilities productivity, increase the asset life of their equipment and promote sustainable initiatives.

Over the years we have developed long term partnerships with highly respected companies; here you will be able to find a partial list of our valuable customers we are proud to do business with.

Featured Case Studies

Chemical Manufacturing Plant Reduces Waste Water Treatment Costs By $4,000,000 Per Year

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Hospital Reduces Annual Operating Costs by Over $200,000

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Large Pork Plant Eliminates Scaling In Their Hot Water System

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Our Valued Customers

Here are a few examples of the highly-valued customers we partner with: