When it comes to wastewater management, Fremont has the knowledge and experience to provide the best program available. Our professional team can help troubleshoot equipment issues and promote operational efficiency to make your wastewater treatment facility run at optimum capacity.

Improving Performance

Fremont’s water management experience extends across the industry; we provide wastewater solutions for general manufacturing plants, food and dairy production facilities, municipal treatment facilities, commercial laundries, biofuel/ethanol production plants, chemical plants and many more.

Fremont’s advanced chemistries will increase your facility’s productivity, reduce energy costs and promote water reuse and sustainable techniques to strengthen operations. With our full-service laboratory our chemists are able to continuously improve and develop new chemical formulations for wastewater treatment.

We know that meeting discharge limits of TSS, BOD and FOG is key to the success of your facility, environmental care, and bottom-line savings. As your water treatment partner, our high-performing products, well-delivered service, and responsive support and technical expertise, will be with you during each phase of the process.

Unique, Innovative Programs

Fremont’s wastewater treatment programs are designed to be flexible and quickly modified to meet your changing needs. Along with typical coagulants, flocculants and sludge dewatering aids, we offer a broad range of custom-designed formulations and metering equipment to meet your specific requirements.

Our program includes:
• Free On-Site Jar Testing
• Flocculants(1)
• Coagulants(1)
• Microbiological Health Evaluations
• Bioaugmentation Supplements
• Surfactants and Anti-Foams
• Odor and pH Control Products
• Boiler and Cooling System Treatment
• Field Technical Support
• Equipment and Equipment Modification Suggestions
• Advanced, In-House Laboratory for Superior Customer Support Capabilities

In addition, we have expertise in hot and cold Lime Softening, Solids Clarification, DAF, RO and Ultrafiltration, Anaerobic Digesters, Recycle and Reuse of wastewater and Enhanced By-Product and Co-Product Recovery.

(1) Available in Bulk Delivery

At Fremont, we offer a complete line of water treatment programs, specializing in custom formulated polymer products and treatment programs built to meet your wastewater needs. The most effective solution often requires specialized equipment, correctly selected formulations and innovative application skills.

Product offerings

• Cationic and Anionic Solution Polymers
• Organic and Inorganic Coagulants
• Metal Precipitants
• Clay Combinations
• Combination Coagulants/Flocculants
• Emulsion and Dispersions
• GRAS and NSF approved Products
• Bioaugmentation
• Odor Control


Our professional team can help you with your clarifiers, centrifuges, activated sludge systems, industrial dissolved air flotation units, and other wastewater components. Fremont’s team understands that each facility requires a unique and specific program in order to provide the best wastewater treatment possible.