Sugar Beet Industry
 - Fremont Partners with Novozymes

In order to provide the best biological solutions possible for the Sugar Beet Industry, Fremont has partnered with Novozymes, a global leader in industrial enzyme and microorganism production. Novozymes offers effective biological wastewater solutions as an alternative to traditional treatment products.

How does it work?

Microbial-based wastewater solutions degrade specific substances in the existing biological community allowing for compound degradation, solids management, biological aids and odor control. Biological wastewater solutions safely lower operating costs, improve facility efficiency, and simplify wastewater treatment operations.

Fremont and Novozymes recognize the need for both traditional water treatment services and innovative Bioaugmentation solutions. By partnering with one another, our customers receive the best water treatment offerings available, a diverse range of products, and customized solutions that best suit your facility.

Why Partner with Us?

Products. Service. Support. Cost Savings.

Fremont Water Solutions is a fresh but proven alternative to water treatment in the Sugar Beet industry. We are a reputable full-service provider capable of handling all your water treatment needs. Our ability to custom formulate and blend our products to specific sugar beet applications allows us to improve your facility’s water programs and increase operational efficiency.

We provide exceptional technical service and support our customers in each phase of the water treatment process. Whether you need account representatives or a service technician at your facility daily, weekly or monthly, our knowledgeable professionals will be there to serve you.

For timely service and documentation we use eLink—a digital reporting system that provides 24/7-access to test results, feed adjustments and recommendations for optimum program performance. Our customer service support is available to assist with any questions you may have. The Fremont team has the authority to make changes happen as they see fit so you will not need to wait for multiple decision makers to get what you need done.

And Fremont provides cost savings. In water treatment, enzymes replace chemicals, which helps our customers make more from less by saving water, energy, raw materials and waste.

The Fremont-Novozymes partnership helps you:

Lower Operating Costs
Reduce permit violations
Reduce chemical flocculant demand
Lower sludge handling costs
Lower energy requirements for aerobic treatment
Reduce spending on odor control

Improve Plant Efficiency
Improves COD degradation of aerobic and anaerobic systems
Increase resistance to shock loads
Increase the quantity of biogas generated in anaerobic systems
Improve nitrification

Simplify Plant Operations
Ensure rapid and trouble-free start-ups of aerobic and anaerobic plants
Improve system stability even at low temperature
Reduce odor complaints
Reduce substrate-related filamentous bulking

Your One Stop Shop

Fremont is the one source for all your water treatment needs: whether it be water treatment chemicals; equipment; lab testing; and on site help- all is just a phone call away. Our substantial research and development capabilities include a full-service, in-house laboratory to help resolve issues quickly and avoid potential challenges in the future. We are committed to quality products and services with our on-site manufacturing facilities, our 100% quality control and our ISO 9001 quality certification. You can expect the very best from our people, processes and services!