Power Generation

Fremont Water Solutions understands the challenges as well as opportunities in today’s power industry. To contend with increasing regulatory, environmental and financial requirements, we have developed water treatment technologies that enhance efficiencies and protect the environment while saving you time and money.

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To Increase Your Productivity

As your water treatment partner Fremont provides a complete set of chemical, equipment and consulting services to help manage all your water treatment needs. Our pretreatment, wastewater, boiler and cooling chemistries assist in streamlining processes, improving current techniques, decreasing overhead and producing more power.

Our Capabilities

Fremont is an industry-respected research and development group that brings cutting edge technologies to the marketplace. We offer customized solutions for water and wastewater, fuel, and air quality for the power industry. We have broad experience throughout the electric utility industry, from developing customized solutions to unraveling client design, operating, and maintenance issues. We have worked with hundreds of facilities, from stoker-fired systems to nuclear power plants, and have extensive design, construction, and operational experience with gas-fired units, especially aero derivatives.

Solutions From Fremont for Power Plants of All Fuel Types Include:

  • Sample panel designs and upgrades
  • Instrument selection and chemistry control protocols
  • Equipment inspections
  • Chemical cleaning specifications and management
  • New plant water treatment and chemistry design consulting
  • Computer modeling
    • Cooling water
      • Chemistry
      • Equipment
      • Operational modes
    • RO systems
      • Predictive Cleaning
      • Operational modes
    • Wastewater
      • Environmental analyses
      • Stiff, Schoeller, Piper, Durov diagrams
  • Complete water analysis capability, including ICP, GC, IC, and wet lab
  • Metallurgical lab services
    • Alloy determination
    • Failure analysis
    • Deposit weight
    • Density and analysis

Solutions Specifically for Coal Plants Include:

  •  Conventional water-cooled condensers
    • Custom-designed chemistries and equipment designed to improve cleanliness and reduce water use
  •  Air-cooled condensers
    • Targeted chemistries to control FAC
    • Air in-leakage testing
  • Wet scrubber condensers
    • Scrubber treatments for high solids, high pH, and high TDS systems
  • Dry scrubber condensers
    • Calcium sulfate scale inhibitors

We also provide on-site CO catalyst cleaning and maintenance services for gas-fired plants and flue gas characterization and multi-fuels design for biomass plants.

Water Pretreatment

Fremont Water Solutions provides an engineered approach to every water pretreatment situation and problem. Our goal is to help you maximize your water resources while minimizing cost.

We offer:

  • A complete analytical laboratory
  • Experience designing systems using all types of water treatment equipment
  • Customized software for modeling water systems
  • Antiscalants, antioxidants, polymers, and commodity chemicals for clarification, filtration, EC, RO, and demineralization systems

Boiler Plant Maintenance

At Fremont Water Solutions, we offer chemicals and services for chemical boiler plant maintenance and water treatment that you won’t find elsewhere, including detection services for air in-leakage, custom-blended chemicals to match your plant’s specific needs, and reagent-grade ammonia solutions.

We also offer:

  • Volatile oxygen scavengers
  • Custom amine blends
  • Chemical cleaning specification and oversight, including deposit analysis and weight density determinations
  • Ultra-pure ammonia solutions in various concentrations, delivered in bulk, totes, or drums

Wastewater Treatment and Management

For complete plant wastewater management, including minimization of water use and reuse and disposal options, Fremont is the only company you need to turn to.

We offer wastewater solutions related to:

  • Characterizing plant-wide water usage
  • Cooling tower cycle maximization
  • Computer modeling of various treatment options
  • Using membrane systems for treating wastewater streams
  • Using EC systems for:
    • Treating wastewater streams
    • Recycling and concentrating RO reject streams
    • Producing useful oxidants

Fuel and Emissions-Related Maintenance and Water Treatment

The quality and type of fuel operating a plant determines the extent and need for environmental controls and equipment, and also significantly impacts wastewater system design. Each requires its own chemicals, specialized cleaning, and analytical determinations based on the need to control:

  • Mercury
  • Sulfur and sulfur oxide
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Particulate emissions

Fremont Water Systems has the experience beyond water treatment to offer critical, complete maintenance solutions for all fuel types based on our design and operating experience with:

  • Mercury control systems
  • Wet and dry scrubbers
  • Low NOx burners
  • NOx catalyst selection and on-site cleaning
  • CO catalyst systems, including on-site cleaning and maintenance
  • CO2 capture systems, including cutting-edge research for ongoing improvements
  • Electrostatic precipitators and bag houses

We can also provide the technical assistance, equipment, and chemicals to manage wastewater streams most effectively, no matter the fuel used in your plant.