Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas Industry is essential to our way of life. At Fremont we have experts in the field able to work with our energy customers every step of the way to ensure a streamlined process. With our advanced technologies we can help make your job easier so you can better provide energy to America.

Improving Energy For A Better Tomorrow

The capabilities of Fremont provide oil and gas operators with valuable water management services in the field for produced water injection systems, boiler operation, and more. We’re also one of the few water management companies able to design and implement custom electrocoagulation (EC) systems for metals removal for individual drilling sites.

Our solutions for the oil and gas industry include:

  • Oil/water separation chemistries
  • Polymers for floating or settling solids
  • Downhole antiscalant and biocides
  • Electrocoagulation (EC) systems designed to recover as much as 60% of the produced water as usable
  • Custom EC system designs for specific metals removal with typical removal rates of nearly 100%
  •  Chemical maintenance, water pretreatment, and wastewater treatment and management for boiler plants for oil/gas recovery

oil and gas refinery in powerful HDR concept  overall view of oil and gas installation  two engineers inside oil refinery