New Construction

New construction start-ups require in depth knowledge of water, equipment and chemistries- this is where Fremont has you covered

Your Water Partner

Fremont Water Solutions has the experience to work with you in the field to make sure water treatment systems are installed correctly and are effective from the start. We work one-on-one with contractors to ensure the proper installation of water treatment and effective system cleaning prior to the start of the project. We also support engineers to ensure equipment and control is designed properly and provide creative approaches to solve water needs and to find the best possible treatment options.


Fremont is a leader in water treatment technology and conservation. We provide water technologies that are at the forefront of energy conservation, water reuse and sustainability to help you reduce costs, protect your equipment and preserve the environment.

Process Streamlined

We streamline the new construction process to provide a smooth installation experience for you and your team. Our equipment is competitively priced, locally sourced and stocked at our facilities to ensure quality and availability. As your partner, we’ll use our experience and chemistry to clean systems before they are treated. Fremont offers a variety of cleaning products for the different types of systems we service, which enables us to better determine the best fit for your goals and specific location.


Our professionals provide an initial water analysis to determine water quality and proper treatment approaches. During system cleanup, we offer onsite support and testing, startup training and support, plus on-going support during and after the initial start-up. We also provide additional support for contractors, as needed. When the project is complete, we’ll ensure all parties are satisfied and have received a good value.

Our Solutions

Fremont provides a great variety of water treatment chemicals. And we can meet your chemical needs whether you require gallons, totes or tankers. We offer bulk glycol, including inhibited, non-inhibited, FDA approved, GRAS-approved, food grade, DOWFROST™ HD, DOWTHERM™ SR1, propylene, and ethylene. We also provide alkaline cleaners and Neutral PH cleaners designed specifically for metallurgies that are often encountered during new construction.

Working With You

Fremont will be there for you every step of the way. Our team of professionals will work with you on site and offer laboratory support in the field. The smooth start-up of the water treatment system at your facility is our main concern. We provide quality equipment and sound recommendations so your systems work effectively the first time. The bottom line for us is making our customers happy and satisfied with the final results.


DOWFROST™ and DOWTHERM™ are trademark products of Dow Chemical Company.