Fremont’s innovative water solutions can protect your manufacturing facilities by addressing critical water issues like equipment fouling, reduced or lost production, quality loss or equipment failure. Fremont has a proven track record in the manufacturing industry of reducing operating costs, minimizing downtime, and improving production quality while enhancing asset life.

Improving Performance

Every operation is unique, so we approach each customer’s business goals and water needs individually, before exploring ways to improve system performance. Fremont makes the greatest impact by being novel in our approach to providing a manufacturing facility the exact support it needs. Our comprehensive water treatment program offers a specialty blend of chemicals to create a formula unique to your facility that will provide effective results in real time.


And Fremont operates as a team. Your field representative will service your facility but you’ll also get support from our equipment, water treatment and lab specialists. We are known for the sheer number of boots on the ground and our dedication to supporting our customers. When tackling a hard-to-solve issue, we’ll provide technical support from our in-house laboratory and field engineers who’ll be with you every step of the way.


Fremont will help keep your operation running smoothly with our eLink monitoring system. This allows us to gather data in real time, monitor your systems 24/7 and track the levels of chemical at all hours of the day. If anything is out of spec we will know about it.


Fremont will help you protect your equipment and avoid costly replacements by selecting the best water treatment program available as well as providing our own effective, reliable equipment. Fremont’s feed and control equipment will help your facility be operationally productive, promote minimum energy usage and lower facility costs. We are a responsive team- our sales staff has the authority to order equipment on the spot and get it to your facility when you need it.


We understand the importance of sustainable practices and preserving natural resources. Our innovative solutions promote water reuse and reduction, reduce energy consumption, limit discharge and improve the quality of discharge.


At Fremont we challenge current thinking to find innovative approaches. We don’t accept known solutions as the only options—we aim to improve existing processes by finding new methods. We get involved in water-related projects outside of our core business for we are always learning and looking for better answers, practices and ways to meet water treatment needs.