Fremont has developed innovative, state-of-the-art water treatment technologies for boiler and cooling systems, and corrosion inhibitor chemistry. We are excited to detail our water management capabilities available within the Healthcare market to better manage your boiler, cooling and potable water systems

Opportunities & Challenges

The Healthcare industry today is facing both great opportunities like positive financial grow and active Group Purchasing Organizations to challenges that include an aging population and expanding healthcare coverage requirements. There is also mounting pressure for facility managers, directors and hospital staff to perform at a high level as the industry continues to consolidate. This often leads to new, more focused water management considerations from organizations like the Joint Commission, ASHRAE, OSHA and other regulatory agencies. While regulations seek to protect patients from waterborne pathogens, the cost of compliance tends to challenge an already strained maintenance and epidemiology staff. Responsible, forward-thinking managers are already meeting the challenges of waterborne pathogen risk management by eliciting water treatment professionals like Fremont’s Healthcare Group.

Our Capabilities

In addition to developing innovative, state-of-the-art scale for boiler and cooling systems, and corrosion inhibitor chemistry, Fremont was among the first companies to implement chlorine dioxide treatment for waterborne pathogens in both cooling and hospital potable water systems. And with the recent addition of monochloramine chemistry, Fremont has the most technically innovative capabilities available to help manage your boiler, cooling and potable water systems.

Value Proposition

What further sets Fremont apart is our value proposition to provide the highest quality service, technology and support available to the Healthcare industry. We’re committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations and to help their facility be more productive by providing sustainable techniques that will promote long term energy and water savings. With our water reuse and recycle initiatives along with the automation and control of boiler and cooling systems in Fremont’s elink technology Fremont has been a leading partner in the healthcare industry with many satisfied customers.

Industry Involvement

Fremont is active in Healthcare groups and educational trade organizations. Through the years our affiliation with the American Society of Healthcare Engineers, the Minnesota Healthcare Engineers Association, the Nebraska Society of Healthcare Engineers, and the Kansas City Area Healthcare Engineers has greatly expanded our knowledge base and has helped us become a great source of reference in the industry.

As Your Partner

Fremont understands that each Healthcare facility has its unique challenges. Fremont will create a water treatment program specific to your facility that will increase productivity, minimize costs and promote sustainable operations. Water treatment in your boilers, towers, chillers, hot water loops, and wastewater systems should be entrusted to the proven performance of the Fremont team; together we will build a unique water treatment program to meet your highest standards and improve your product quality and performance!

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