Food and Beverage

Fremont Water Solutions has an extensive range of expertise in the food and beverage industry. We provide water treatment solutions to dairy operations, whey facilities, pork, beef, poultry and egg processing, fruit and vegetable packaging, snack foods, beverage and brew, and many more.


As a leader in water and wastewater treatment, Fremont can create a custom program for your facility and tailor our water treatment service to your exact needs. We have a flexible product line which gives us the ability to formulate products to meet your exact requirements at a lower cost. If your facility needs specialty-blended chemicals, we’ll conduct an on-site water treatment analysis and consultation to formulate the best program possible.


Within the food and beverage industry, sustainability is a primary concern; for it impacts the environment and your bottom line. Our professional staff will work diligently to help you meet state and federal regulatory requirements, and to reduce facility discharge volume and total solids. We’ll partner with you to provide solutions that minimize your water consumption and energy usage. Count on our team of chemists for their unsurpassed knowledge and ongoing R&D to reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Food Safety and Regulations

We understand that increased regulation in the food and beverage industry is a key concern for our customers. So we make the documentation process more efficient, transparent and easier to manage. We organize our water treatment data on E-Link, an online reporting and management system, to generate information and documentation in real time. This provides transparency, can monitor programs for multiple locations, and assists with third party audits like AIB, BRC, and SQF.


Fremont has proven its commitment to quality through its certification as an ISO 9001 company. This certification involves a strict and detailed internal study in which the company reviews all aspects of order processing, research and development, corporate planning, production and customer service. Fremont has GHS compliant labeling and up-to-date Safety Data sheets. We’re committed to ongoing and consistent quality.