Data Centers

Fremont understands how critical an efficient water treatment program is for your data center’s operation; this understanding has led to a focused program that will protect and enhance your facility and equipment.


As your water treatment partner, we have the tools, chemistries, and experience to minimize risks of destructive corrosion, loss of efficiency from scale, and health risks due to biological growth. Our reliable and consistent partnership, starting with your account manager and incorporating the Fremont support team, will proactively manage your water treatment system to improve your productivity as well as your bottom line.

Program Goals

• Provide controllers to proactively manage equipment
• Minimize risk of biological growth
• Maximize system efficiency through heat transfer surfaces and efficient use of water and chemistry
• Provide monitoring and alarm capabilities with Fremont-eLink
• Support Green initiatives

System Controllers

Walchem controllers offer many benefit to data centers:
• Soft Watch to proactively monitor softener performance
• Multiple sensor inputs for equipment (i.e. back up tower sump pump level sensors)
• Modbus communication with building management systems to be monitored by security personnel


Bacteria is a leading cause of corrosion and fouling in your data center loop systems. Maintaining an aggressive biological control program is vital to proactive water treatment. The support of the Fremont laboratory will aid in the analyzing of samples to ensure that all proper solutions are being provided.

Additional technical support can be found through our eLink program—an online monitoring and reporting service for water systems. This provides immediate communication when your water system is in need of treatment adjustments.

Our service technicians and account representatives are there to help you every step of the way by text, call or email. Our team is responsive and can order equipment and chemistries on the spot so your needs are met immediately.


The Fremont team will protect your system from waterside failures and keep your system online. Our goal is to provide results that are cost effective and protect the environment. Fremont is committed to preserving natural resources; we take initiatives to protect water by promoting water reuse and reclamation. We understand our responsibility to future generations and are dedicated to making a positive difference within the industry.

Process Optimization

Through unsurpassed customer service, technical assistance and time and money savings Fremont strives to give you peace of mind with your facility’s operation. We will develop a custom water treatment solution that will promote energy savings, reduce water consumption and promote sustainable in house initiatives. We understand the challenges data centers face daily and we are committed to proactively managing and anticipating any operational challenge that may come our way.


Fremont is committed to providing top quality products and services to our Data Center partners. Our on-site manufacturing facilities help guarantee that quality as well as our fully equipped laboratory; both departments support quality control initiatives and provides responsive feedback to our field team. As an ISO: 9001 certified company data centers can expect only the best from Fremont.