Our Business Culture

Fremont is a family of unique perspectives and talents. Our open, collaborative culture shapes our ethics and competitiveness, and is an expression of our values. Our company culture engages, encourages and drives us to produce better products and services, and to pursue quality in everything we do. We’re never satisfied with where we are or what we’ve done—we’re always looking and moving forward.

An Atmosphere of Trust

We value each team member for their unique gifts, share a sense of fun in our experiences and find great meaning in our work. We earn and cultivate trust and thrive in a positive atmosphere, guided by our goals and energized by our passions. We believe in open communication, support and encouragement. Success comes naturally to happy, engaged people who are empowered to be inventive, take initiative and freely pursue their curiosities wherever they may lead.

At Fremont, we’re proud of our company and the products and services we provide. We’re committed to continued growth and evolution, to improving our value and to ensuring our collective long-term success. We believe in Fremont’s purpose, values, vision for the future, and the good we bring to our customers, the industry and our community.

Why Work For Us? It's Our People

It's the people who make Fremont the kind of company it is. We hail from all walks of life and reflect the varied industries we serve- yet we all share the company's vision of making the world a better, more sustainable place. We are driven by a commitment to serve others, passionate about working together as a team, and capable of wearing many hats to ensure the company continues to move forward. Fremont team members think differently and bring innovation to the workplace in an environment that promotes collaboration, productivity, where people are energized and inspired.

Our Business

Mission: Fremont is driven by a larger purpose—to provide value-driven services using eco-friendly technologies to conserve energy and water resources. Positive change starts with us, and we are determined to make a proactive, lasting impact for future generations.

Trust: Fremont trusts and values its team members. We strive to provide meaningful, challenging work and give our people the flexibility to make important decisions as they see fit. Fremont empowers its people to do what it takes to best serve our customers and their colleagues. Everyone on the team has a voice in how things work, and that freedom fosters an enviroment of creativity and fulfilled employees.

Caring: Fremont fosters a culture of caring where people come first. In addition to company perks, benefits and profit-sharing, we think of our team members as family. We take care of our people and encourage them to share company milestones, team successes and challenges alike. Our workers take comfort in knowing that should they encounter one of lifes highest or lowest moments they will have the strength of their company behind them.