Quality Assurance

Quality is at the heart of who Fremont is, in the products and services we provide and in all that we do. Our quality management system ensures both continuous improvement and conformity in our product and service offerings in order to best meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Commitment to High Standards

Our commitment to high standards is demonstrated through first becoming quality certified in 1995 and actively upholding this standard to being an ISO 9001 certified organization today.

Unique quality assurance programs are in place for the design, manufacturing and customer support departments, and are regularly audited and reviewed. Our commitment to high quality, continuous improvement and product conformity can be seen within our corporate headquarters, regional offices, research facilities and manufacturing centers.

Fremont’s Quality Policy

Fremont Industries is committed to the identification, communication, and understanding of current and future customer needs and requirements accomplished by the effective implementation of our quality system in a manner that optimizes the growth of long-term customer satisfaction relationships.

Fremont Fast Facts

Our commitment to high standards is shown by receiving our first quality certificate in 1995. We currently hold the ISO 9001 certification.

Our onsite manufacturing ensures quality the first time with 100% quality control and a product test pass rate exceeding 99%.

Fremont personnel are highly trained experts in the field with continuous educational and assessment programs in place.

Fremont only purchases from suppliers that meet our high standards ensuring quality operations and products.