Our mission—at the heart of everything we do.

To provide customer focused, forward thinking, water management services using the long-standing principles of trust, honesty and integrity. We will bring value-driven expertise and eco-friendly technologies to protect equipment, and conserve energy and water resources.

What it means for customers: the Fremont difference

Water—our most precious resource—is the epicenter of many industries. That is why, for more than 60 years, Fremont has been committed to protecting it in everything we do, from providing reliable water treatment and protecting equipment in manufacturing plants, to ensuring high quality water and adhering to stringent standards in healthcare and food processing facilities. While Fremont strives to protect this precious resource, we also provide our customers with the solutions and services they need. Differently.

As a leading water treatment company, we understand that proper water or wastewater management is important to your facility. Therefore, finding you a customized plan that serves your unique needs while increasing operational productivity is a priority for us. Our solutions are tailored to match the specific requirements of each operation, where our products deliver consistent results always and without exception.

Our people are honest and experienced with an average tenure of 15-plus years of dedicated service. We know how to build relationships and work with customers one on one to understand their unique goals. We realize that anyone can provide you with chemicals, but Fremont provides you with a long-term partnership committed to improving your facility’s performance. Experience the Fremont difference, and together we can help conserve energy and water resources.

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