Meet The Leadership Team

Our long record of success and dynamic work culture are the rewards that come from having an outstanding leadership team.

A Long Record of Success

Each Fremont leader is respected in their field and committed to driving change and motivating their colleagues. Within the senior team there is a great sense of humor, contagious enthusiasm and abundance of inspiring stories from years in the water treatment field. Our door-is-always-open policy means our leaders are readily available to customers and team members for a casual cup of coffee to professional advising. With more than 30 years of average tenure at Fremont, our leaders have shaped our culture to passionately focusing on people, water and the future.

We value the traditions that have fueled our success yet welcome new, different and bold thinking. Fremont has grown to more than 100 employees across the U.S, led by a management team that represents some of the most experienced business and water treatment professionals in the industry. Connect with us on LinkedIn today!