Exclusive products and services through innovation

Fremont is a growth focused company that is innovative, boldly supports change, & able to invest in new markets & opportunities. Our mission has always been focused on improving our services & product line while moving forward to find the best water treatment solutions for our customers.

Innovation Focused

As a company we are innovation focused: we empower our people and provide the tools for them to succeed and exceed expectations. At Fremont we share a common purpose throughout the organization—to be curious, always ask why and find better solutions to current and future challenges. Being strategic about consistent improvement and embracing change has helped us to create a company that our clients value and our people are proud to be a part of.

Our accomplished research and development team has invented and patented 28 technologies within the metal preparations and water treatment fields. The Fremont patented technology is unique and, in many cases, is the only product of its kind in the industry.

Partial List of unique applications Fremont is proud to offer:

  • Ultra Series program of concentrated, crystalline technology and contact-free delivery systems
  • White Rust Series technology to prevent corrosion of galvanized metal without pH control
  • Premier Series Products proven in the removal of deposits from boiler and cooling tower systems without taking the systems off-line

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