Contract Operations

Fremont provides equipment and chemicals for water and environmental quality. We specialize in selling you what you need, when you need it and at an exceptional value.

Fremont Contracting and Consulting

Every plant has different needs depending on the source of water and fuel it uses, and we can custom fit solutions based on your plant’s specific needs to help you save money on chemical, maintenance, and employee costs while reducing water use.

Contact us about your questions or concerns and we can help with consulting and contract operations including:

  • Equipment inspections
  • Chemical cleaning specification and management
  • Water quality analysis and recommendations
  • Complete front-to-back water use analysis with recommendations for optimized equipment and operating procedures
  • Water treatment and reuse recommendations

Services Include:

  •  Catalyst Cleaning
    • On-site catalyst cleaning
  • Water Plant Design
    •  New plant water treatment and chemistry design consulting
    • Environmental analyses
    • Custom computer modeling
  • Sample Panel Design
    • Sample panel design and upgrades
    • Instrument selection recommendations
  • Commodity Management
    • Chemistry control protocols
    • Custom-designed chemistries and equipment designed to reduce wastewater and water use
  • Water Reuse Management
    • Treatment recommendations for improved water reuse, resulting in less overall water usage and reduced wastewater treatment costs

For more information and/or for specialized contract & consulting opportunities contact us at 1-800-436-1238.